Spring 2004

Samurai Champloo

26 episodes · TV Completed Samurai Champloo, SAMURAI CHAMPLOO, サムライチャンプルー

Young and clumsy waitress Fuu Kasumi works pleasantly throughout the day in a little tea shop. Until she unintentionally spills a drink on one of her clients! As a group of samurai continue to abuse her, Fuu desperately calls on Mugen, another samurai in the shop, who rapidly dispatches them with his erratic fighting style and breakdancing-like movements. Unwilling ronin Jin, who uses a more accurate and conventional style of swordfighting, is unfortunate enough to be Mugen’s opponent and turns out to be a formidable one. The only issue is that they accidentally kill the local magistrate’s son while demolishing the entire establishment.

The two samurai are apprehended and put to death for their crimes. However, Fuu saves them and employs the pair as her bodyguards. The former waitress, who no longer has a home to return to, enlists the assistance of the now-cleared couple in order to locate a particular samurai who has a sunflower scent. The two first disagree with this concept, but they ultimately decide to support the girl in her search. As a result, the three set out on a journey to find this enigmatic warrior—provided Fuu can prevent Mugen and Jin from killing one other.